Perseverance Lake Trail

I don’t hike Ketchikan’s few established trails very often, but it’s a nice change from following game trails cross country

This trail used to be almost entirely made up of boardwalk; 90% of it has been replaced with gravel. Due to an average annual rainfall of 150 inches, trails need to either be above ground or filled with gravel; otherwise, they turn into a mud bog.

The trail has suffered a lot of storm damage, mostly from falling trees. The lump on the left is the root wad of a tree that took part of the trail with it when it fell.

The stairs on the left is the Minerva Mtn. Trail which travels across the top of some mountains between Ward Lake and Ketchikan.

The last few hundred yards of the trail is in bad shape; hopefully this summer they will finish replacing the old trail.

Heading Back Down

Ward Lake: The Perseverance Lake Trail starts here; this small lake has 2 campgrounds, a picnic area, and a nature trail around the entire lake.

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