Last hike of 2022

I set 9 cameras in this area hoping for pictures and videos of the wolves that live on the north end of Ketchikan, unfortunately most of what I got was blurry do to moisture on my lenses, but I did get one good video of them.

I left the 3 camera I have set to record videos and 1 taking photos out there and brought the rest home.


Hiking and Checking Cameras 12/27/22

Left 1 and brought 2 of the 3 trailcams I checked home for the winter.

I pulled this camera because though it did pretty good it was not good enough to use again next year.

I took this camera home to let it dry out over the winter but I will be putting it back in the spring because while it doesn’t get a lot of action compared to other spots it does get more interesting encounters than most of my camera locations.

I left this camera because it’s been my best spot in this area for a few years