May 25 – June 18

I set this camera to catch bears fishing for salmon, but it’s a good year round spot. In late August when the salmon run start the deer will disappear and nor many will show up until the bears aren’t spending so much time here.

I have kept this camera on video mode except this set of pictures and now it’s recording videos again, you can see them here:


Hiking and Checking a Whole Bunch of Cameras

Below are the cameras I checked and set up

A sandhill crane visited this camera.

I set this cameras for black bear during the pink salmon run but it gets a lot of other visitors before the salmon start showing up in late August. I set it to record video again when checking it.

I’ve had a camera here for a few years, it watches an intersection in a feeding area.

This is a new spot, the camera I set here watches where three trails come together to form one. Next time I visit it I’m going to switch it to video because most of the pictures are blurry do to low light and the animals being on the move.

I set a camera here to watch an intersection on a main trail between a steep hillside on the right and a big open muskeg on the left.

This was the first time I checked this camera, it overlooks a funnel where multiple trails come together to cross this ravine, you can see the highlights in the previous post in my blog.

This is another camera spot I checked for the first time, a bunch of trails meet on this small hill, I will be posting the highlights from the first batch of pictures soon.

Set a camera here to watch another trail that runs between open muskeg on the left and a steep ravine on the right.


Hiking and Checking Cameras

June 5, 2022

Black bears are efficient predators of young fawns, this poop is evidence of that. According to studies by ADFG bears will eat more than half the fawns in some areas.

Three trail came together to form a funnel where animals climb out of this valley. The trails are covered with deer tracks now but there should be a lot of bear traffic this summer and fall because the creek just out of sight at the bottom of this hill gets a lot of salmon.

A bunch of trails come together to cross this little creek so setting a camera here was a no brainer.

Deer have trampled this little hill to bear ground, it looks like a popular bedding spot but may also be a mineral lick, the camera I set here will reveal what’s going on.