Kayaking, Looking for Deer and Checking Cameras

September 16-18

This was the first check of this camera location, the camera watches a trail through a skunk cabbage patch.

I’ve had the camera below in this spot for a few years, it’s set to watch where a main trail crosses a creek

I set a camera here to watch a split in a main trail coming down the side of a mountain.

This was one of the first spots I set a camera in this area several years ago, it watches a main trail that runs along the base of the same mountain.

This is another spot I’ve been using for a few years, it watches a trail between a couple big muskegs.


Hiking the Wolf Lake Trail

The Wolf Lake Trail is a primitive trail that starts at Harriet Hunt Lake goes over a ridge then drops into the valley where the lake sits. It’s a hard trail to follow after you cross the ridge as it has become really over grown and shows little sign of use.

I decided it was too windy to fish for trout effectively so instead of going all the way to the lake I wandered around the woods looking for deer and deer sign for a bit before heading back out. The deer sign was a little sparse, but the best I’ve seen it since about 25 years ago when wolves wiped the deer out.

The Trail

From here the trail goes through muskegs to the lake, I headed into the woods from here and wandered around for a couple hours before heading back.

Hiking Out.


Checking a Camera, and Setting 3 More for Black Bear fishing for Pink Salmon (Humpies)

Every pool in this creek that is over a foot deep has fish in it holding out and trying to survive the bears until the next rain. After the next serious rain the main run will fill this stream with thousands of fish.

Here are the 3 spots I set cameras

Set a Camera here for photos

Set a camera here for videos

I’ve used this spot before, but this is the first time I set a camera here for videos


I’ve had a camera here for over a year but I moved it to the other side of the creek, below is a video from the original tree.


May 21 – August 4

This was the my first check of the camera I left in this spot, it’s working out really well, the 4mp SD card was almost full.