Highlights from 2 Cameras

This was the first check of this camera, next time I stop by I will probably aim it slightly higher because I think it’s missing critters that pass by far end of the cameras view.

The lighting here sucks because the camera should be facing the other direction, but this was the best tree in which to attach a camera. I switched the camera to video mode because the camera will adjust for lighting as it records, if that doesn’t work I will either bring a really long strap so I can use a big tree or just move it.


Setting 4 Cameras

May 14

Set a camera here to watch where several secondary trails cross this main trail, it also looks like the type of area bucks like to push each other around to build their neck muscles before the rut.

I’ve used this area for years only in the past I had the camera facing the opposite direction, if you look closely you will see a light spot on a tree on the left side of the trail, that is the notch I cut to hold the camera securely.

This camera watches a main trail between open muskeg and a brushy hill side.

This camera watches an area crisscrossed with trails, not sure how good it will be because there is nothing to funnel animal movement.


Hiking, Setting Camera and a little Trout Fishing

I set a camera here again, this puddle is popular with bears.

This camera watches a bed and an intersection of a bunch of trails.

I set this camera to watch a main trail that runs between a big muskeg on the left and a steep ravine on the right.

I moved this camera about 100 feet and faced it in the opposite direction, it was back in the trees in the middle of this picture but the lighting was pretty horrible though I did get a few decent ones.


Checking Cameras 4/30

This camera watches a funnel between a big muskeg on the left and the side of a steep hill on the right.

A couple main trails cross a little creek in some dark timber here.

A lot of trails cross this area and though you can’t see it now because the deer eating all of it, it’s full of skunk cabbage which is a favorite food of deer which love the actual plant and black bear which like the roots.