Hiking and Kayaking September 18-19

I didn’t see much wildlife this trip but got to know a couple areas a bit better, and found a few fresh buck rubs, showing the rut is starting though it probably won’t get serious for about 4 more weeks.

Checked a few Cameras

I set this camera on the gut pile of a deer I shot last time I was here, this bear tried to claim it. I moved the camera to this fork in a main trail.

This camera watches an intersection in some timber.

This camera watches the edge of a muskeg, it’s doing pretty good considering it’s out in the open.


Hiking September 12-13

Spawning season for pink salmon has reached its peak and every stream is full of fish, fortunately we’ve had a lot of rain so a lot of the spawned out salmon have washed down stream and the smell isn’t too awful.
I checked a bunch of cameras, here are a couple videos from 2 of them. The first one is before the salmon run really gets going, the second is during the peak.

Hiking and Kayaking, August 29-30

Of course I checked a few cameras while I was out

I’ve had this camera here for several years. It watches a main trail that follows the base of a mountain.

This little buck probably broke his antler sparring while they are still soft. I moved this camera.

I moved the camera I mentioned above back to this spot.

This camera watches an intersection with lots of deer food.

This camera didn’t get a lot of action, but these two guys showed up and butted heads for a while, pictures weren’t very good but it was enough to make me leave the camera here for another month.