Florida Vacation #1, 2023

January 25 – February 7

After flying all night from Ketchikan Alaska to Fort Lauderdale Florida we hit a few shore fishing spots before checking into the resort but only managed to catch a few bowfin. The next 2 days were real windy but we had pretty good fishing in one of Lake Okeechobee’s canals until the wind blew in a bunch of muddy water from the main lake.

The next few days were too nice, record heat and no wind which made for tough fishing but good for photography, I will be posting a bunch of scenic and wildlife photos next after I sort through them.

Our last few days were almost perfect, for fishing, the wind finally picked up and so did the action. We caught a bunch of fish throwing shallow running crankbaits and a few on spinnerbaits and swimjigs.

This year I set 7 trailcams along the banks of the canal we fished the first few days and will pick them up in March when we go back for another 2 weeks of abusing bass in the Big O. I forgot to take a photographic waypoint of one of the locations but that camera is behind the bushes in the first photo. I expect to get pictures and videos of rutting raccoons, possums, armadillos, marsh rabbits, wild pigs, whitetail deer, and bobcats if all goes well.