First Check of a New Spot

This spot has been really good the first 3 weeks I’ve had a camera here I need to aim this camera slightly higher because I didn’t get a single picture from the trail in the background and I’m sure it’s close enough and i know deer used it since I put this camera up.

Hiking, Fishing for Trout and Setting/Checking Trailcams.

May 27 I checked 5 cameras and set up another This spot has been disappointing but since it has only been set up for 3 weeks I left it and will move it next time if things don’t improve. This camera has been doing great, but I think I need to aim it a little…

Highlights from 1 Camera

December 10 – April 30 I had this camera set to record videos most of last year but switched to photos because they use up the batteries more slowly and this place can be impractical to get to in the winter, it’s set back to video mode now. Watching deer play in the sand here…

Hiking and Checking Trailcams, May 21

Wolves ate a deer here. You can tell the work of a pack of wolves as their victim is spread out because they don’t like to eat next to each other, and most of the smaller bones are broken up or consumed. I checked 4 cameras and added another to this area I set a…

Hiking and Setting 3 Trailcams, May 14

I set a camera here to watch an intersection on this main trail. I replaced the camera I have here, this has been my best spot in this area and the only camera I left running over the winter here. I put a camera back in this spot, I always get some interesting activity here.

Highlights from 1 Camera

December 5 – April 27 The deer in the later photos are starting to shed their winter coats, some shed quickly making them look like they have some kind of disease or wound but they’re fine and will be wearing their summer red coats first. I’ve had a camera here for a few years but…

Setting up 4 Cameras

I set a camera here to watch an intersection of a main trail and a few secondary trails. This camera overlooks where a bunch of trail cross the top of a ravine which starts at the left side of the picture. This spot is full of skunk cabbage which is just beginning to grow so…


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