Where to set a trail camera

The most obvious challenge to trailcam photography is finding a good spot for a camera, because without any visitors, you won’t get any pictures. The main categories of spots are the same things people look for when hunting from stands; food, trails, funnels, or a combination of these things.


Because everything needs to eat.

This meadow was great during the Spring and early Summer; it has a lush growth of a wide variety of plants, but only bear use it much after July.

Skunk Cabbage is a great place to set cameras for Sitka Blacktail Deer; they will eat all these plants down to the stems, and when it’s gone, they will still nibble on the buds that will produce next year’s plants, which makes these areas good year round.

This is the same spot in the Winter. Additional features that make this spot really good are that it’s crossed by several trails, and it’s back in the forest; also, if your looking for forest dwelling animals, you will get 10 times as much action under cover than out in the open.

Another place deer like to feed here in Southeast Alaska is the beach; and as a bonus, along with the fresh greens along the seashore, there is a great source of salt; it seems to be best in Spring to mid-Summer before the plants start turning brown. Deer and other animals will use beaches year round, and if there is a heavy snowfall, beaches can be really beneficial for deer.

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