A little About Me and this Site


Since I was very young, I have fished, hiked and camped, and I began hunting deer for food as well as with a camera following my move from Washington State to Alaska in my early twenties. Once I discovered how tasty venison really is, hunting spiked as a personal priority for me, and photography of those and other interesting animals naturally followed.

In 2009, I started using trail cameras to try and learn more about Southeast Alaska’s deer, and it has been as eye opening as it is addictive; it has proven to me that a lot of popular theories about deer behavior are little more than myths and excuses for unsuccessful hunts.

For several years, I have been sharing my trail camera pictures of Sitka Blacktail deer, experiences, and advice on how to get the most out of trail camera use through social media. With COVID-19 shutting down my screen printing business, I have had a great deal of time on my hands, so I took the opportunity to create a web page. Ultimately, I may dedicate myself more fully to doing what I really like; hiking, fishing, hunting, and capturing unsuspecting animals on SD cards in the rain forest of Southeast Alaska.

The main target for my trail cameras has been Sitka Blacktail deer; since American Black Bear and wolves share the same trails as deer, I get a reasonable amount of hits from both, but I am planning to try to get more pictures of the smaller animals such as otters, mink, marten, beaver, and more.

Along with trail camera photos, videos, and my captures with a standard camera, I plan to share what I have learned through my experiences with hunting, fishing, hiking and kayaking around Southeast Alaska. In addition, my annual bass fishing trips to Lake Okeechobee and other areas of South Florida will bring even more information and photos to this website, as I always bring a number of trail cameras with me on those trips. Since Florida is a target rich environment, I always capture something interesting on disc in the two weeks the cameras are set up there while I maintain my annual battle of trying not to get out-fished too horribly by my brother fishing for bass; so much so that I am thinking about leaving a few there year-round.

Thank you for visiting this site; I hope you will find plenty of interesting and exciting pictures, and perhaps learn some new things to make your outdoor experiences even more worthwhile!

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