Setting 4 Cameras

Black Bear

Decided to set some cameras in an area on Gravina Island that I haven’t been to since the deer population recovered after being decimated by wolves.

The first animal I came across on my trip was a doe that was far more concerned with a bear than a guy in a kayak. The doe ran into the woods as the bear got closer, but the bear was too busy eating grass and didn’t notice she was there; the bear didn’t notice me until I drifted in pretty close.

Set the first of the four cameras at this intersection of two trails. It is more out in the open than my usual camera locations, but it should do well until mid or late August, when the seasonal plants turn brown.

Set the second camera here. This spot should do well year round. Several trails meet here, and it is surrounded by thick forest; plus it appears to be a popular place for deer to bed down.

Set the third camera here. Two main trails meet here, and there are a lot of plants that both deer and bear like. We’ll see if the animals that move through, if not feeding, will stop and sniff the log to see who else has passed by. This should result in more pictures that are clear and not blurry.

Set my last camera here. This is another intersection; in this case, it is where a trail entering or leaving a muskeg meets a trail in the brush that runs parallel to the muskeg.

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