Checking Cameras

Headed out before a -3.7′ tide, which was a good excuse to take the long way to my destination so I could check out the marine life and look for abalone.

The first camera I checked wasn’t getting much action, so I moved it to a location nearby where some trails meet at a creek.

This camera has been here for several years, and has produced some of my favorite pictures.

I had a camera here years ago, until the tree it was on fell down. This trip was the first time I checked it since deciding to give it another try; it’s now set to record video.

This camera was one of the first cameras I set in this area, it’s been a good one for capturing images of the local wolf pack.

I had a camera here for a few years, but took it down a couple years ago to try new places nearby. The original spot was more active, so I set one here again.

9 thoughts on “Checking Cameras

  1. Great group of pics. Like them lots. Any specs on your kayak? Sit-on-top?? Length? Do you like it? I’m looking… I have some inflatables and the SOAR canoe should work ok in the coves etc. I’m new here in SE… Lived elsewhere in AK for 37-years.


  2. Not sure, I ordered mine and put it on the barge, but try the kayak tour companies they might be able to get a better deal.


    1. Thanks Joe. Yours rates out well. I’ll look into it. Does yours turn ok in the breeze anything you don’t like about it, would you buy it again for coasting around in the ocean? Thanks!


      1. It turns okay, if I wear this one out I will buy another. Has great storage too and even with a quartered deer and all my camping gear it still stays way below the weight limit.


      2. You get wet, I wear a pear of light weight waders, or shorts if it’s hot out, and in cooler or rainy weather a light weight rain coat. I think you would get soaked in sweat in a dry suit paddling is good exercise.


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