Setting Three More Cameras

I took a few cameras to an area I haven’t been to since I first started using trail cameras about 10 years ago. Back then, this area didn’t seem like a very good spot for camera trapping, considering how long it takes me to get there by kayak; after gaining a lot of experience with trail cameras, I think poor camera placement might have been the main reason I didn’t have better results here.

Set the first camera here, where three trails intersect; two trails run parallel to the camera’s view, and one comes down the hill behind the tree on the right.

Set the second camera in a skunk cabbage patch. Sitka blacktail deer love skunk cabbage, so this camera should get a lot of action.

When scouting new areas or places I haven’t been to in a long time, I spend a lot of time trying to call deer to help me get an idea of what lives there. This doe came in really close; I was using a new call my wife gave me for my birthday, made by Drop Shot Calls.

Set the last of the three cameras overlooking this beaver dam. Beaver dams are usually great places to see a variety of creatures.

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