Checking 4 Cameras July 4-5

This is the first time I checked the camera I set up in this new spot, which consists of an intersection of two trails at the edge of big dark timber and some more open forest.

I’ve had a camera here for a few years; it monitors a spot where a couple of minor trails meet a main trail where deer like to feed and bed down.

This camera was overlooking a bedding area. I got some interesting pictures here, but it’s a little too open for consistent traffic, so I moved it about 100 feet to an intersection in a small feeding area.

This is the new spot. Several trails cross this opening, and it has a good variety of plants that deer like, so it should do well.

The last camera I checked has been recording 15-second video clips on a main trail. I’ve had this camera here for a couple of years.

One thought on “Checking 4 Cameras July 4-5

  1. Hi Joe;

    Interesting group of pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Looks like you are set up well for fishing, what kind of fish do you catch and keep in your kayak?

    I really like your trail use photo. Many of these vegetation, trail, bed, deer pics should have some real value to you and people looking for photos that actually depict descriptions. In my articles (UAF Boreal Forest Newsletter, through UAF – CES) I never seem to have enough or varied photos of what I’m trying to describe. Finding them too can be problematic, so I sometimes label a single photo numerous names and put them in numerous folders to find later depending upon what I’m trying to depict.

    I wonder if any of those trails would be active enough for a hunter to sit beside while trying to harvest a deer.

    A friend of mine here on POW Island believes it’d be a long wait and they move most during the height of the rut. Whats your take on that.

    Thanks Joe, all are great pics of interesting things well worth viewing.

    Best Regards, Glen Holt


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