A New Fly for Salmon Trolling

After seeing endless schools of herring fry, then watching the fish I’d just caught regurgitate a bunch of the same little fish, I decided to tie some flies to imitate those baitfish.

I started with crystal flash chenille for the body.

The wing has 3 layers, starting with white marabou…

…followed by a layer of green marabou…

…topped off with green crystal flash.

I finished it with about an inch of this crystal flash that comes as a sort of tube.

Lastly, I added a bit of acrylic paint for the eyes.

I tied 4 versions of this fly; they are basically the same, except that there is a 5-layer wing on the black/blue/white fly; white marabou, silver crystal flash, black marabou, black crystal flash, topped with a little bit of blue hair. I also lightly painted the top of its head with acrylic paint.

I plan on running these behind a dodger when I’m paddling my kayak. If I were fishing from a heavier boat I would tie these on a heavier hook, It can be hard to make a good hook set in a kayak, but these light wire hooks should penetrate more easily than a standard salmon hook. I don’t have to worry about the hooks bending out because it’s nearly impossible to put that much pressure on a fish from a kayak.

One thought on “A New Fly for Salmon Trolling

  1. Yep! This looks good. Keep us posted on catches and methods. I haven’t got my kayak yet. What a pain to order right now… waiting on supplies to hit the vendor. More pics of Kayak and how you rig it would be cool. I’ve been flying Google earth lately looking over the island near me. Never a dull moment. Been working on the greenhouse, again. Outside planters now attached to the greenhouse weighted and to help the greenhouse stay on the ground. Gotta have some vegetables to go with my deer meat AND salmon. Looking forward to more of your adventures. Glen

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