Setting 6 Cameras for Bears

Pink salmon will be spawning in every stream that has enough current to support them. I set 2 cameras at 3 different small streams that get a run of fish every year. Cameras get better results on the little creeks than larger streams, simply because a camera can cover a small stream easily. It also helps to choose streams with a small amount spawning area, since that concentrates the bears’ fishing activity.

I set the first camera at the bottom of some rapids that the salmon have to pass over in order to reach the main spawning area for this stream.

I set the second camera at the top of the rapids.

At the second creek, I positioned the cameras in the spawning area; this camera is set to record videos.

This shallow stretch will be an easy place for bears to catch salmon as they move upstream.

This 3rd creek is new to me, but I found plenty of old salmon bones from last year’s run, so I know there will be salmon here in another month. Deer have also been hitting the skunk cabbage on the left, so this will be a good spot.

This is the last camera. I set all these cameras where a major trail crosses or follows these streams. The torn up ground on both sides of the creek here show that this is a popular spot to cross this stream, so it should be a good spot year round.

There was a lot of wildlife out and about all day, which kept me entertained as I paddled between these salmon streams.

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