Pictures from my latest hunts

Hunting has been good this year, I’ve seen a lot of nice bucks, and a few have hung around long enough for me to take their pictures. I’ve been saving my last tag for one of the giants that have been showing up on my cameras, but with the season almost over I will probably take the next decent buck I can find to top off the freezer.

I hung a camera on the tree on the left. It covers the fallen tree which forms a bridge between the trails on both banks of this small creek.

One thought on “Pictures from my latest hunts

  1. Great pictures. Hope you get your last deer. We shot 2 and a friend gave me one this morning. Its hanging for a couple days, work it up on Monday.

    Great picture of the sunset from your kayak. The little forky sure has a cute expression. All enjoyable. Thanks for posting.


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