Hiking and Kayaking July 17-18

I set and checked a few camera while I was out. Set a camera here, there are a bunch of trails and a some beds and it’s on the border of a some big timber and a large muskeg, so even though it’s more out in the open than most places I set cameras itContinue reading “Hiking and Kayaking July 17-18”

Hiking and Kayaking while Checking Cameras

June 6-8 This camera watches a main trail through the old growth. Next time I check it I’m going to switch the camera to video because most of the critters that pass by are moving too fast for a good picture. I’ve had this camera here for several years. Several trails come together here andContinue reading “Hiking and Kayaking while Checking Cameras”

Another 3 Day Weekend

Kayaking, hiking, and checking on 3 cameras that I last visited in November. May 22-24 This was the best of the 3 camera I left in this area over the winter. It watches an intersection of 3 main trails in some dark timber, and was still working fine after 6 months. This camera stopped workingContinue reading “Another 3 Day Weekend”