Kayaking, Looking for Deer and Checking Cameras

September 16-18 This was the first check of this camera location, the camera watches a trail through a skunk cabbage patch. I’ve had the camera below in this spot for a few years, it’s set to watch where a main trail crosses a creek I set a camera here to watch a split in aContinue reading “Kayaking, Looking for Deer and Checking Cameras”

Checking Cameras 8/1/22

Here are the the cameras I checked, I’ll be posting the highlights from them soon after I finish sorting them. This is the second time I’ve checked this camera, it overlooks a funnel where several trails combine to form 1 that crosses this small ravine. This camera watches a skunk cabbage patch. This was theContinue reading “Checking Cameras 8/1/22”

Hiking and Checking Cameras July 16

Set a camera here, it watches a bunch of trails and the bed in the foreground. This was the first time I checked the camera in this spot. There was decent action here but the picture quality is terrible so I switched camera, if that doesn’t help I will try a different angle or switchContinue reading “Hiking and Checking Cameras July 16”

Hiking and Checking a Whole Bunch of Cameras

Below are the cameras I checked and set up A sandhill crane visited this camera. I’ve had a camera here for a few years, it watches an intersection in a feeding area. This is a new spot, the camera I set here watches where three trails come together to form one. Next time I visitContinue reading “Hiking and Checking a Whole Bunch of Cameras”

Hiking and Checking Cameras

June 5, 2022 Black bears are efficient predators of young fawns, this poop is evidence of that. According to studies by ADFG bears will eat more than half the fawns in some areas. Three trail came together to form a funnel where animals climb out of this valley. The trails are covered with deer tracksContinue reading “Hiking and Checking Cameras”

My First Camping Trip Since February

May 21-22 The first day I spent checking a bunch of cameras I recently set up to make sure they were working aimed properly and put one back that watches a salmon stream that worked out really well last year. The second day I went for a long hike, set a couple more cameras, andContinue reading “My First Camping Trip Since February”