First Hike of 2023

Didn’t bring any trailcams with me but I did make some waypoints of future possible camera locations.

Hiking and Checking Cameras 12/27/22

Left 1 and brought 2 of the 3 trailcams I checked home for the winter. I pulled this camera because though it did pretty good it was not good enough to use again next year. I took this camera home to let it dry out over the winter but I will be putting it backContinue reading “Hiking and Checking Cameras 12/27/22”

Hiking and Checking Cameras

I took these cameras home for the winter and will find new homes for them next spring. I left these cameras out, if we get any serious snow I probably won’t be able to check them again until April. I switched this camera to take photos because the batteries last longer in that mode. I’mContinue reading “Hiking and Checking Cameras”

Kayaking, Looking for Deer and Checking Cameras

September 16-18 This was the first check of this camera location, the camera watches a trail through a skunk cabbage patch. I’ve had the camera below in this spot for a few years, it’s set to watch where a main trail crosses a creek I set a camera here to watch a split in aContinue reading “Kayaking, Looking for Deer and Checking Cameras”