Where to set a trail camera


They are called trail cameras for a reason.

Hard to go wrong with a trail through a bunch of food, especially a year round food like Salal. Deer like the new leaves and flowers in the Spring and Summer, and it’s an evergreen shrub that provides them with green leaves in the winter. Salal also produces a berry that is eaten by lots of things.

A place where a lot of trails intersect is a no brainer. This spot was also was a popular place for both deer and bear to hang out and relax.

Intersections in the timber can be great year round; most animals feel safer out of sight.

A trail leading to and from a funnel is a really good location for trail cameras; I set this one thinking it would be good for bears when the salmon are running (the white in the back is a gravel bar on a spawning stream). It ended up being one of my best cameras for deer, and is okay for bear. You can expect a lot of posts from this spot if you check in regularly.

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