Best Bucks of 2019

Sitka Blacktail Bucks on Revillagigedo and Gravina Island in Southeast Alaska

4 thoughts on “Best Bucks of 2019

  1. Wow, there are some really nice looking deer here. Must be some good big buck locations. Be interesting to collar some of those and track where and how far they wander… Thanks for posting those Joe. Glen Holt


    1. The farthest between two cameras I’ve seen the same buck was about 5 miles and that was during the summer. And had an easy recognizable buck that showed up regularly on 3 cameras that formed a triangle who’s edge measured about 7 miles during the rut.


  2. Very interesting. I bet you see some deer you never knew were there and don’t see again. Many probably have complex overlapping circles of activity. Cool hobby. Good data maybe for the future as researchers learn how to calibrate and utilize camera image info. In any event, very interesting pics. Thanks! Glen Holt


    1. It’s been really eye opening how many big deer are out there and in places I thought saw too much pressure to hold mature animals. Thanks for the feed back!


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