Checking Cameras

Took the kayak out for the first time this year and checked some cameras in a couple of spots south of Ketchikan.
The following pictures are of the cameras I checked; they may be hard to see, look for the rectangular box attached to a tree near the center of the picture.

I’ve had this camera here for over a year. It overlooks a main trail where it passes through an area deer like to feed.

This camera also watches a main trail through a feeding area, I’ve had a camera here for a long time.


This camera watches a place where animals like to cross the creek, even when it’s near flood stage.


This is a new location; the camera watches a shallow spot in the creek where animals like to cross, and the fallen tree, which acts as a bridge.


I set a camera here to catch the beavers working on this tree; it also watches a main trail.

I’ve had a camera here for about a year, it watches a main trail.


A tree fell in front of this camera, so I moved it to an intersection at the edge of a muskeg and some old growth timber I’ve been eyeing for a while.

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