Winter Highlights from one Camera

December – March

6 thoughts on “Winter Highlights from one Camera

  1. In a world of political posing, posturing and stupidity… I very much appreciate your site. It gives me a reprieve from the fabrication of our rampant bureau Ockracy and other lies ~ and goes back to whats important…to me.

    Thank you for your work.

    Cool pic of that wolf… Glen

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  2. I bought a couple off Amazon. They arrived very…plastic. You get what you pay for. Think I’ll try some more Browning cameras. My neighbor has good luck with them. No one seems to have any or many Bushnell. Be nice to have 8 or 10 for fun. Your posts are much appreciated. I do a blog and a newsletter and some facebook posts for hire with UAF about forestry. Writing and all that goes with it, (editing and editors) is real work. I am grateful for the work. Your efforts are very cool and I enjoy them immensely. Hang in there. Others I can tell like it too. I know you’d do this without us, so much appreciated you share. Glen

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  3. Excellent. I hope to go next year, near St. Mary’s GA, then south to Ocala to visit for a week and then I really like Big Pine Key. Would be cool to get away but earlier than now… Too many fish to catch. Ordered a Browning Night Ops? Working on some cool places to put them. Baited a stone pile with my dog’s poop…see if I can get some wolf pics, off a great trail under tall alders…logged in the 60’s I’m told. Have a blast fishing with your brother! 🙂

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