Checking 4 Cameras

March 28

I went for a long hike to check some cameras. Though it still felt like Winter there were some of signs that Spring is on the way, from birds singing, woodpeckers drumming, and skunk cabbage and other plants starting to grow.

I’ve had a camera here for a long time, but this is the first video I’ve made of this location. The camera developed a leak but kept working even though it had a lot of water inside which is why these clips are kind of foggy.

A tree fell across the main trail passing by this camera so I moved it to a clearing I groomed in an alder grove.

This camera overlooks a skunk cabbage patch which should start regrowing soon. Skunk cabbage leaves and flowers are a favorite food of sitka blacktail deer, and black bear feed heavily on their roots.

I’ve had a camera in this clearing in the old growth off and on for about ten years.

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