Florida Bass Fishing Vacation Part 4

We spent a few more days on Okeechobee and finished the trip clobbering the peacock bass and other fish in the Tamiami Canal.

For peacock bass I used a white 2 inch rubber worm (1/2 of a 4 inch worm) just slightly longer than my hook which I rigged exposed, and Andy used a little boot-tail swimbait on a jighead. We caught more peacocks than we could count a lot of sunfish and oscars plus a few other species.

The trick with peacocks is to spot them. If you don’t see them try jigging a small jig worm or other lure real erratically near shore and they will show themselves. Once you locate them continue to fish your lure near them and they will try to kill it, but they are really fast at biting and spitting what the are trying to kill so even with a small lure it can take several hits before they get hooked, but that’s part of the fun.

Peacock Bass

Oscar, these things fight real hard and I’ve heard they are good eating.

Some type of sunfish

Mayan Cichlid

Green Sunfish


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