Hiking, Fishing for Trout and Setting/Checking Trailcams.

May 27 I checked 5 cameras and set up another This spot has been disappointing but since it has only been set up for 3 weeks I left it and will move it next time if things don’t improve. This camera has been doing great, but I think I need to aim it a littleContinue reading “Hiking, Fishing for Trout and Setting/Checking Trailcams.”

Hiking and Checking Trailcams, May 21

Wolves ate a deer here. You can tell the work of a pack of wolves as their victim is spread out because they don’t like to eat next to each other, and most of the smaller bones are broken up or consumed. I checked 4 cameras and added another to this area I set aContinue reading “Hiking and Checking Trailcams, May 21”

Florida Bass fishing Vacation #2, Part 1 Okeechobee

Day 1 shore fishing We always start are trips with a day of fishing from shore after an all night flight from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale, after a 2 hour flight from Ketchikan to Seattle. Sometimes we actually fight through the sleep deprivation enough to catch something, this time we did better than normal. 10Continue reading “Florida Bass fishing Vacation #2, Part 1 Okeechobee”

Florida Vacation #1, 2023

January 25 – February 7 After flying all night from Ketchikan Alaska to Fort Lauderdale Florida we hit a few shore fishing spots before checking into the resort but only managed to catch a few bowfin. The next 2 days were real windy but we had pretty good fishing in one of Lake Okeechobee’s canalsContinue reading “Florida Vacation #1, 2023”