3 Days of Hiking, Checking Trailcams, and a little Trout Fishing.

I moved a camera to this spot, this stream gets a lot of salmon and they should stack up in this deep pool which will attract bears this fall. Before then I expect a lot of deer and hopefully otters and other critters.

Set a camera here where this main trail is intersected bu a couple secondary trails.

This is another spot where a main trail is intersected by secondary trails.

2nd day

I took a break from hiking to fish for sea-run cutthroat, the fishing was great and I caught a couple dozen before I was surprised by a steelhead (sea-run rainbow). I used a small swimbait for most of the cutthroat until one ripped the tail off, then switched to the small marabou jig and caught a few more and the steelhead.

After my fishing break I explored some new woods before checking some more cameras on my way back to camp.

I moved this camera about 50 yards because the trail it was watching was used by to many other people. Here is a video from the original spot.

Set a camera here to catch the bear or bears that have been using this puddle as a bath tub.

I had a camera here last year but the camera malfunctioned and I didn’t have a spare with me, it’s a good spot.

Day 3

Set a camera here. There is good spawning gravel in the creek and a main trail crosses it here.

This spot is right across the creek from the previous camera, I expect a lot of deer and some bear here.

This was the most cameras I’ve checked at one time and most of them had not been checked since December.

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