Another 3 Day Weekend

Kayaking, hiking, and checking on 3 cameras that I last visited in November.

May 22-24

This was the best of the 3 camera I left in this area over the winter. It watches an intersection of 3 main trails in some dark timber, and was still working fine after 6 months.

This camera stopped working after 2 weeks and then started up again in April. Hopefully after drying out it will be fine. It was set to watch a couple logs that formed a bridge over a beaver pond.

I set a camera here to watch the dam and the main trails that follow both banks of the creek.

This camera watched a beaver dam that got wiped out by our heavy rains. Animals still crossed here after the dam was destroyed but not as often so I moved it into some near by timber.

I moved a camera here to watch an intersection of 2 main trails.

I usually don’t set cameras out in the open because there is usually lot more wildlife activity in the cover, but I gave this spot a try because a lot of trails enter/exit this tree line and another trail runs parallel to it.

This camera overlooks a trail following this small creek and another trail that crosses it.

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