Hiking and Kayaking while Checking Cameras

June 6-8

This camera watches a main trail through the old growth. Next time I check it I’m going to switch the camera to video because most of the critters that pass by are moving too fast for a good picture.

I’ve had this camera here for several years. Several trails come together here and this small clearing is a popular place for bucks to but heads as they get in shape for the rut.

This camera is in a new spot and watches an intersection of a few trails.

Day 2

This camera watches a main trail that runs along the base of a mountain, the tree in the middle is a used regularly by black bear as a scent marking tree.

A tree fell in front of my camera a couple days after I set it. I moved it to a trail in the timber.

I set this camera to capture the beavers finishing cutting down this tree but they never came back. I reset the camera in a spot I’ve use previously


I took this camera home after 2 years of watching this spot. The location is really good but the does and fawns that showed up here regularly spent so much time feeding I got tired of sorting through the hundreds of pictures of the same animals.

This camera covers a where a trail crosses a creek, it’s a good spot spring through fall, but didn’t get much action over the winter.

Day 3

I got up early and fished my way home, too bad the limit is only 1 right now.

One thought on “Hiking and Kayaking while Checking Cameras

  1. Viewed & MeWe Hiking Group.

    Thanks fir sharing such an incredible tapestry of outdoor life in Alaska. Yours is the only state in US that I have not visited and I am definitely getting some beautiful inspiration from your posts.

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