Hiking and Checking Cameras, June 26

I set this camera hoping to catch bears using this puddle as a muddy bath tub and the black bear pictured did just that a few hours after I set it. When I checked it I also lowered the camera to capture more of the puddle.

This camera has been here for a few years and has been my best spot in this area, I usually set cameras in loose clusters of 3-5.

I took this camera home, the location is good but after trying it from 3 different angles I couldn’t find one that gave me good pictures. I could have solved that problem by switching to video because in video mode these cameras will adjust to the conditions within a second or two.

I pulled this camera also. The spot was good but also caught pictures of people so I didn’t want to risk having a thief walk past.

This is a new spot, it’s doing really well but also has challenging lighting, I’m going to switch cameras and set it to video next visit.

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