Checking 4 Cameras

A bear tried to remove this camera, fortunately it didn’t sink it’s teeth into it, and I remembered to tie a few knots after buckling it in.

This camera collected 1800+ pictures in a month mostly of this doe and her fawn, and another doe with twins.

This camera covered an intersection of 3 trails in the timber, it did pretty good but I moved it to a more easily accessible location.

The new spot for this camera covers a main trail and a bed.

This camera is doing really well but I need to switch trees because most of the traffic is one-way.

I added one more camera to this group, it covers a main trail through the timber. I usually set my cameras in groups of 3-4 that I can easily reach on a day hike.

A few weeks of dry weather dried up some of the shallow ponds allowing deer access to the bog beans and they have mowed them down, I never realized they like them that much.

This is what these ponds usually looks like.

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