Hiking and Kayaking July 17-18

I set and checked a few camera while I was out.

Set a camera here, there are a bunch of trails and a some beds and it’s on the border of a some big timber and a large muskeg, so even though it’s more out in the open than most places I set cameras it should be good.
This is my first check of this spot, The camera watches an intersection of a couple of main trails in the timber, it’s doing pretty good.
I moved the camera in the above video about 100 feet to cover 1 of the trails that leads to that spot.
I’ve had a camera here for several years, it’s been consistent especially for bucks.

I’ve used this spot before and it’s been good for all 3 of the large animals we have on this island; wolves, black bear, and deer, the animal in the picture is a wolf that is in the process of growing a new coat.
This is another spot I’ve had a camera for a long time, it covers a main trail that runs along the base of a mountain.
I switched this camera to record video, it covers a main trail through the timber.

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