Checking Cameras and Looking for Deer

My first hunt of the year went pretty well, I saw a lot of deer including to decent bucks, but they both disappeared without offering me a decent shot, the season here lasts 4 months so no hurry.

Set this camera to capture images of bear fishing for salmon, the pink run is just getting started.

I moved this camera a few yards to where it can cover a bigger area, the trail is getting a lot of traffic.

There are a few salmon in this creek now and it should get stuffed with them soon, which means lots of black bear next check.

Picture quality here isn’t very good so I haven’t shared many photos from this spot but I set it here because it’s in a spot I like to hunt and it’s doing really well as a scouting camera.

This is another camera set to catch bears fishing for salmon. I had one blurry picture of a bear with a fish this check, so the run is starting.

I’ve had this camera here for a few years, it’s one of my best spots, last year I had it set for video.

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