Photos from my last few hunts for this deer season

Time to trade in the deer rifle for the big cameraun

Checking Cameras 8/1/22

Here are the the cameras I checked, I’ll be posting the highlights from them soon after I finish sorting them. This is the second time I’ve checked this camera, it overlooks a funnel where several trails combine to form 1 that crosses this small ravine. This camera watches a skunk cabbage patch. This was theContinue reading “Checking Cameras 8/1/22”

Kayaking and Hunting for Deer while checking Cameras

(Found one) This is my best spot in this area, I got over 1700 pictures from Late May to Aug. 21. It’s an intersection in some dense cover. This camera did pretty well, lots of different animals. This is a trail following a swampy creek that cuts through some muskegs. This is the only cameraContinue reading “Kayaking and Hunting for Deer while checking Cameras”

Checking Cameras and Looking for Deer

August 15-16 I called in this little buck by saying Maaa in the back of my throat. I like to call this way in places that get a lot of hunting pressure and the deer are used to the standard Alaska style deer calls. This spot was full of 10 foot tall salmon berry bushesContinue reading “Checking Cameras and Looking for Deer”

Checking Cameras and Looking for Deer

My first hunt of the year went pretty well, I saw a lot of deer including to decent bucks, but they both disappeared without offering me a decent shot, the season here lasts 4 months so no hurry. Set this camera to capture images of bear fishing for salmon, the pink run is just gettingContinue reading “Checking Cameras and Looking for Deer”