Checking Cameras and Looking for Deer

August 15-16

I called in this little buck by saying Maaa in the back of my throat. I like to call this way in places that get a lot of hunting pressure and the deer are used to the standard Alaska style deer calls.

This was a good spot for bear, but picture quality sucked so I moved the camera to watch this main trail and the bed under the left side of the big tree.

This cabbage patch was a pretty good spot but I moved it to check out another trail.

This spot was full of 10 foot tall salmon berry bushes and other tall brush that I cut down to create a natural food plot. It’s working pretty well. In this image a wolf is passing through.

I’ve had a camera here for several years, but this is the first video from this spot.
This is another spot I’ve used for a long time, but not continuously.

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