Florida Vacation #2 Part 1

Roland & Mary Ann Martin Marina and Resort has been like a home away from home for my brother and I for the last 15 winters, we made 2 trips this year. They have everything you need including a well stocked tackle store, We rent our boat from the Jolly Roger Marina next door.

First few days on Lake Okeechobee

Fishing was pretty good even for 1 to 4 pounders, even caught some on my hand painted rebel minnow. Rebel’s jointed minnow was one of my favorite lures when I first started bass fishing but they no longer make them in my favorite colors so I scraped the paint off a couple and painted them myself.

Took a break from the big lake do to thunderstorms and drove south to fish for peacock bass and other cichlids

Hot fishing for peacock bass, mayan cichlids, oscars and even a few largemouths, no idea how many we caught but it was a lot.

Back on Okeechobee

Fishing was tough but we found a few larger fish. We had to quit early most days this trip to avoid storms.

Another trip to the Everglades to avoid thunderstorms.

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