Florida Vacation #1, 2023

January 25 – February 7 After flying all night from Ketchikan Alaska to Fort Lauderdale Florida we hit a few shore fishing spots before checking into the resort but only managed to catch a few bowfin. The next 2 days were real windy but we had pretty good fishing in one of Lake Okeechobee’s canalsContinue reading “Florida Vacation #1, 2023”

Florida Vacation #2 Part 1

Roland & Mary Ann Martin Marina and Resort has been like a home away from home for my brother and I for the last 15 winters, we made 2 trips this year. They have everything you need including a well stocked tackle store, We rent our boat from the Jolly Roger Marina next door. FirstContinue reading “Florida Vacation #2 Part 1”

Florida Vacation Part 2

Highlights from 3 of the best days of bass fishing I’ve ever had The first of these 3 days, stick worms, curly tail worms, swimjigs, and top water was the ticket. The next 2 days, flipping a heavy weight in the cattail jungle accounted for most of our bites, but the swimjigs and worms stillContinue reading “Florida Vacation Part 2”