Okeechobee Vacation #2 Part 2

The first set of pictures was our best big fish day since we started going to Florida to chase bass about 15 years ago. The day started off terrible, we made an hour long run to the south end of the lake and by noon we had one dink for our efforts so we ran back north, the weather was calm enough we could cut across the main lake, and ran into a wave of fresh spawners that nobody else had found. We ended this day with an 8, a 7, two 6s and five or six 5s, plus a bunch of 1-4 pounders.

March 17

Our hot spot was still really good the next day and continued to produce until some high winds kicked in and forced us to spend most of our last 3 days fishing from shore. We always schedule about 2 weeks for our trips so challenging weather doesn’t mess up to much of our trip.

March 18-23

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