Okeechobee Vacation #2 Part 2

The first set of pictures was our best big fish day since we started going to Florida to chase bass about 15 years ago. The day started off terrible, we made an hour long run to the south end of the lake and by noon we had one dink for our efforts so we ranContinue reading “Okeechobee Vacation #2 Part 2”

Bass Fishing on Lake Okeechobee 2022

We accidentally chose the coldest 11 days this winter in Florida for our first of two trips to Lake Okeechobee, arriving on the January 21st and leaving on February 1st. We managed to catch fish every day though we were often dressed like we were fishing for Winter Kings at home in Alaska than LargemouthContinue reading “Bass Fishing on Lake Okeechobee 2022”

Florida Bass Fishing Vacation at Lake Okeechobee, Part 1

Setting Trail Cameras and Dodging Thunder Storms I set this camera in the woods off of Uncle Joe’s Cut. It received a lot of hits from raccoons, plus Opossums, and an armadillo This camera didn’t capture much except this heron. The iguana was the most interesting thing this camera took a picture of. A VultureContinue reading “Florida Bass Fishing Vacation at Lake Okeechobee, Part 1”