Hiking, Kayaking and Checking Cameras.

June 17

This camera did pretty well during the rut, but the rest of the year activity here was pretty slow so I moved to a new location.

I moved the camera mentioned above here. This spot is more open than I like but a bunch of trails intersect here so it should be a good spot.

Moved this camera, there were lots of beds and a few trails crossed through here but it was to out in the open for lots of action.

This is where I moved it, I’ve had cameras in this area before and they did really well. Lots of trails pass through here and all the open ground will be covered in skunk cabbage within a few weeks so I know this camera will do really well.

I’ve had a camera here for several years.


I’ve used this spot for a couple years, the camera overlooks a main trail through a feeding area. The only problem with this spot is the deer linger for a long time so I get so many photos of the same encounter with a deer that the SD cards are always in danger of filling up if I don’t make it out here often enough.

This has been a good spot except when the creek is really high it triggers the camera constantly filling the card. I will probably move it next time I make it out here.

This spot doesn’t get a ton of action but the picture quality is good plus when wolves move through this area they often use this trail. Didn’t get any wolf pictures over the winter on the 6 cameras I have in this area, so either they are sticking to a different part of their territory or they didn’t survive trapping season, which would be good, the deer population in this area is getting depresses, hardly got any pictures of fawns last year.

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