Hiking, Setting Camera and a little Trout Fishing

I set a camera here again, this puddle is popular with bears.

This camera watches a bed and an intersection of a bunch of trails.

I set this camera to watch a main trail that runs between a big muskeg on the left and a steep ravine on the right.

I moved this camera about 100 feet and faced it in the opposite direction, it was back in the trees in the middle of this picture but the lighting was pretty horrible though I did get a few decent ones.


2 thoughts on “Hiking, Setting Camera and a little Trout Fishing

  1. Hi Joe;

    I have little luck interfacing with WordPress…password issue for me. I always enjoy your photos and insights and appreciate your posts. Thank you for them and I hope you will continue your hikes, kayaking, commentary and great pictures. There is lots I’m still learning about SE deer habitat, so your pictures are insightful to me, thanks… Any cougars where you are?

    Best Regards, Glen Holt


  2. No cougars, except rumors from people who don’t get out in the woods enough, glad you enjoy my efforts.


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