Hiking and Checking a Whole Bunch of Cameras

Below are the cameras I checked and set up

A sandhill crane visited this camera.

I set this cameras for black bear during the pink salmon run but it gets a lot of other visitors before the salmon start showing up in late August. I set it to record video again when checking it.

I’ve had a camera here for a few years, it watches an intersection in a feeding area.

This is a new spot, the camera I set here watches where three trails come together to form one. Next time I visit it I’m going to switch it to video because most of the pictures are blurry do to low light and the animals being on the move.

I set a camera here to watch an intersection on a main trail between a steep hillside on the right and a big open muskeg on the left.

This was the first time I checked this camera, it overlooks a funnel where multiple trails come together to cross this ravine, you can see the highlights in the previous post in my blog.

This is another camera spot I checked for the first time, a bunch of trails meet on this small hill, I will be posting the highlights from the first batch of pictures soon.

Set a camera here to watch another trail that runs between open muskeg on the left and a steep ravine on the right.

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