Hiking and Checking Cameras July 16

Set a camera here, it watches a bunch of trails and the bed in the foreground.

This was the first time I checked the camera in this spot. There was decent action here but the picture quality is terrible so I switched camera, if that doesn’t help I will try a different angle or switch to recording videos.

I have had a camera in this patch of dark timber between muskegs for a many years, deer come here to feed on the skunk cabbage, and bucks like to use this opening to but heads as they prepare for the rut.

This spot was originally full of 10 foot tall salmon berry bushes which I removed to allow other plants to grow and create a feeding area for the deer that use the many trails pass through this area. I have to trim it back at least once a summer to keep it from getting too over grown.

This camera watches the intersection of two main trails plus the bed on the left side of the big cedar tree.

I’ve had a camera here for longer than any other spot, it watches and intersection in a small muskeg, in this short clip a doe lets out some warning snorts and runs off a minute before two wolves pass by.

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