Hiking and Checking Cameras

I took these cameras home for the winter and will find new homes for them next spring.
I left these cameras out, if we get any serious snow I probably won’t be able to check them again until April.

I switched this camera to take photos because the batteries last longer in that mode. I’m going to keep a camera on this trail next year but in a different section.

I also switched this camera to photos for the same reason.

I’ve had a camera here for a few years, it’s always done well year round. I might move it next year.

I pulled this camera because it was acting up but left the security box and will put a camera back in it next year because this was one of my favorite new spots this year.

This is my new favorite spot, it’s the top of a small hill surrounded by forest. I plan on shooting videos next year but it’s going to take an extra large SD card.


2 thoughts on “Hiking and Checking Cameras

  1. Awesome pics Joe. Great Sitka Blacktail deer info. You must use quite a few trail cameras. Just curious are they all the same brand ie. Bushnell? What works best for you in this environment we live in? I would like to get a few more out myself.
    Cheers Derek
    Prince Rupert


  2. My cameras are all the old Bushnell Trophycams they’ve lasted a long time I put a small silica gel pack in the battery compartment to help with moisture, before I did that they died within a year or two, the old Bushnells allowed you to use hlaf the battery compartment (4 AAs instead of 8) so there is plenty of room, when recording videos I use 8 and I lay the silica gel pack on top of the batteries and just dump some of the contents out until it fits. I used to have 40 something but they are starting to die, down to 36 now so might have to try a newer model in the future. (my newest cameras are 5 years old, still using a few of the original 6mp cameras that are over 10 years old).


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