1st Hike Since January

Hiking, setting trailcams, and catching Sea-run Cutthroat and Dolly Varden

I moved 1 of the 4 cameras I left out all winter in this area and added 3 more.

Moved a camera here. This opening in the brush looks like a good spot to capture bucks butting heads before the rut and it’s on a good trail I used last year.

Set a camera here to watch an intersection of multiple trails at the bottom of a small ridge and a near a creek crossing.

There is a large muskeg to the left of this camera and a timbered hill side to the right about 50 feet high then another large muskeg. The camera looks down a main trail which travels along the forest at the edge of the lower muskeg.

I found this spot last fall while working on filling the freezer and it looks like a good place to sit quietly for most of a day. The camera I set here watches an intersection near the bottom of this slope of open forest.


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