Another 3 Day Weekend

Kayaking, hiking, and checking on 3 cameras that I last visited in November. May 22-24 This was the best of the 3 camera I left in this area over the winter. It watches an intersection of 3 main trails in some dark timber, and was still working fine after 6 months. This camera stopped workingContinue reading “Another 3 Day Weekend”

3 Days of Hiking, Checking Trailcams, and a little Trout Fishing.

I moved a camera to this spot, this stream gets a lot of salmon and they should stack up in this deep pool which will attract bears this fall. Before then I expect a lot of deer and hopefully otters and other critters. Set a camera here where this main trail is intersected bu aContinue reading “3 Days of Hiking, Checking Trailcams, and a little Trout Fishing.”

Ward Lake and Ward Creek Trails

I took advantage of a break in the weather to walk around Ward Lake, and then take the Ward Creek Trail to Last Chance campground and back. Ward Lake Nature Trail Ward Creek Trail The Ward Creek Trail goes from Ward Lake to Last Chance Campground. All the trails in this area can be accessedContinue reading “Ward Lake and Ward Creek Trails”