Hiking and Kayaking, August 29-30

Of course I checked a few cameras while I was out I’ve had this camera here for several years. It watches a main trail that follows the base of a mountain. This little buck probably broke his antler sparring while they are still soft. I moved this camera. This camera watches an intersection with lotsContinue reading “Hiking and Kayaking, August 29-30”

June 15 – August 9

Highlights from 1 Camera I created this little feeding area by chopping down a thicket of 10 foot tall salmonberry and elderberry bushes. This area is also a wide funnel formed by the beach on the left and some steep ravines on the right, my clearing gives the animals a reason to stop by myContinue reading “June 15 – August 9”

Kayaking and Hunting for Deer while checking Cameras

(Found one) This is my best spot in this area, I got over 1700 pictures from Late May to Aug. 21. It’s an intersection in some dense cover. This camera did pretty well, lots of different animals. This is a trail following a swampy creek that cuts through some muskegs. This is the only cameraContinue reading “Kayaking and Hunting for Deer while checking Cameras”