Hiking and Checking Cameras 8/13

This creek is filling up with pink salmon, after the next serious rain the main run should show up It takes a lot of luck to get good pictures with trailcams but sometimes everything comes together. This camera sits in the bottom of a ravine, I was planning on moving it to an easier placeContinue reading “Hiking and Checking Cameras 8/13”

Checking Cameras 8/1/22

Here are the the cameras I checked, I’ll be posting the highlights from them soon after I finish sorting them. This is the second time I’ve checked this camera, it overlooks a funnel where several trails combine to form 1 that crosses this small ravine. This camera watches a skunk cabbage patch. This was theContinue reading “Checking Cameras 8/1/22”

Hiking and Checking Cameras July 16

Set a camera here, it watches a bunch of trails and the bed in the foreground. This was the first time I checked the camera in this spot. There was decent action here but the picture quality is terrible so I switched camera, if that doesn’t help I will try a different angle or switchContinue reading “Hiking and Checking Cameras July 16”