Florida Vacation Part 2

Highlights from 3 of the best days of bass fishing I’ve ever had

The first of these 3 days, stick worms, curly tail worms, swimjigs, and top water was the ticket. The next 2 days, flipping a heavy weight in the cattail jungle accounted for most of our bites, but the swimjigs and worms still got some good bites.

The weekend brought a 200-boat tournament to Roland Martin’s Marina, and while the fishing was still good, we got tired of fishing around those guys; so after putting together about a 19-pound 5-fish limit by noon, which would have put us in about 15th place, we anchored up and watched bobbers, some channel cats, bluegills and cichlids went for our worms.

After the tournament guys went in, we started to fish for bass again, but a storm came up so we went in before we got soaked.

We ended the day fishing at a canal, and while I was petting a friendly cat that decided to join us as I was taking pictures, Andy caught the biggest bass of the trip.

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