Florida Bass Fishing Vacation at Lake Okeechobee, Part 1

Setting Trail Cameras and Dodging Thunder Storms

I set this camera in the woods off of Uncle Joe’s Cut. It received a lot of hits from raccoons, plus Opossums, and an armadillo

This camera didn’t capture much except this heron.

The iguana was the most interesting thing this camera took a picture of.

A Vulture and a crow were the most frequent visitors here, but also a lot of hits from raccoons, rabbits, and Opossums.

This was my best camera during our stay, along with the alligator I caught some wild pigs, raccoons, Opossums and a variety of birds.

I will be posting the highlights from those cameras later. I set one more camera on the bank of the Rim Canal that I set for videos and captured some swamp people collecting bait. Though they didn’t seem to appreciate being filmed they were decent enough not to steal my camera.
The next day the weather was forecast to be real stormy so instead of taking out the rental boat we spent the day trying different spots from shore. We had pretty good luck and found a great spot thanks to a tip from a local that produced a lot of nice fish throughout our stay including Andy’s (my brother) largest of the trip. a 7.5 pounder.

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