Highlights from 1 Camera

November/December 2020 This is my last camera with photos from last year. Deep snow limited my access to my cameras last winter but I’m finally getting caught up.

Another 3 Day Weekend

Kayaking, hiking, and checking on 3 cameras that I last visited in November. May 22-24 This was the best of the 3 camera I left in this area over the winter. It watches an intersection of 3 main trails in some dark timber, and was still working fine after 6 months. This camera stopped workingContinue reading “Another 3 Day Weekend”

3 Days of Hiking, Checking Trailcams, and a little Trout Fishing.

I moved a camera to this spot, this stream gets a lot of salmon and they should stack up in this deep pool which will attract bears this fall. Before then I expect a lot of deer and hopefully otters and other critters. Set a camera here where this main trail is intersected bu aContinue reading “3 Days of Hiking, Checking Trailcams, and a little Trout Fishing.”